PVC Resin Emulsion Grade

PVC Resin Emulsion Grade

Plastic Chemical: PVC Resin Emulsion Grade for PVC paste resin. The PVC is dispersed in a liquid plasticizer to be swelled and plasticized to form a plastisol. Usually, an emulsion or a microsuspension resin is used, and a stabilizer, a filler, a coloring agent, etc. are added, and after sufficient agitation, the air bubbles are removed. It is made into a PVC paste and then processed into various products by using, dipping, casting or slush molding. Such as hangers, tool handles, Christmas trees, etc.

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PVC Resin Emulsion Grade / Nature characteristics

Polyvinyl chloride is rich in raw materials (petroleum, limestone, coke, salt and natural gas), mature in manufacturing process, low in price and widely used. It has become the second largest general-purpose resin in the world after polyethylene resin. 29% of the world's total synthetic resin consumption. Polyvinyl chloride is easy to process and can be processed by molding, laminating, injection molding, extrusion molding, calendering, and blow molding. Polyvinyl chloride is mainly used for the production of plastic soft products such as artificial leather, film, wire sheath, etc. It can also produce plastic hard products such as plates, doors and windows, pipes and valves. 

Polyvinyl chloride is flame retardant (flame retardant value is 40 or higher), high chemical resistance (concentrated hydrochloric acid, 90% sulfuric acid, 60% nitric acid and 20% sodium hydroxide), mechanical strength And the advantages of good electrical insulation. However, the heat resistance was poor, the softening point was 80℃, and the discoloration began to decompose at 130 ℃, and HCI was precipitated.


PVC Resin Emulsion Grade / PVC pipe and fitting

PVC Resin Emulsion Grade

PVC Resin Emulsion Grade / Specification



K value


Impurity    number (Number <=)


Volatile    content, % <=


Apparent    density, g/ml >=


Remain(testing sieve )

0.25mm sieve, <=


0.063mm sieve, >=


Number of    grain piece (number/400cm2, <=)


100g resin    plasticizer absorbency (g, >=)


White    degree(160℃ After 10min.), % >=


PVC Resin Emulsion Grade / Application range 

From the perspective of consumption structure, 65% of the current PVC products are in hard products (including 15% of pipes, 5% of pipe fittings, 30% of doors and windows and profiles, 8% of hard sheets and plates, etc.), and 35% for soft products. Product production. In the future, the proportion of PVC hard products will gradually expand, and the development of hard products will be based on composite materials, blended materials and other raw materials and products that meet the requirements of the building materials market. Soft products are still dominated by wire and cable, packaging materials and wallpaper. The whole product develops in the direction of non-toxic and low plasticizer.


PVC Resin Emulsion Grade / PVC profiles

PVC Resin Emulsion Grade

The market price of PVC is more and more volatile and cyclical. In general, the supply and demand pattern is the fundamental factor, specifically the short-term cost factors, production factors, inventory changes, demand changes, and upstream raw material price changes. (Electricity prices, raw salt prices, crude oil prices, ethylene prices, VCM and EDC monomer prices, etc.) are also affected by national policies in the medium and long term, such as anti-dumping, electricity price adjustment, industrial structure, industry access, and tax rate adjustment. The relationship between supply and demand is the fundamental factor affecting PVC prices. In the long run, China's PVC capacity has continued to grow rapidly in recent years, and production has increased substantially. However, the utilization rate of PVC capacity has declined. At the same time, demand growth has slowed down and net imports have continued to decline. It is expected that China will be transferred to net exporters in the near future. Ranks. From the evolution of domestic PVC supply and demand pattern, as the supply of new capacity to the domestic market is turned loose, the relationship between supply and demand will generally develop in an oversupply direction.

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