Powder PVC Resin

Powder PVC Resin

Plastic Chemical: Powder PVC Resin for PVC coated products.The artificial leather with a substrate is formed by applying a PVC paste to a cloth or paper and then plasticizing it at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius or more. It is also possible to first roll the PVC and the auxiliary into a film and then press it together with the substrate. The non-substrate artificial leather is a soft sheet which is directly calendered into a certain thickness by a calender, and then pressed on the pattern. Artificial leather can be used to make suitcases, purses, book covers, sofas and car cushions, as well as floor leather, used as a floor covering for buildings.

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Powder PVC Resin

Powder PVC Resin

Chemical properties

1.100   ° C or above, or prolonged exposure to sunlight, will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, and further autocatalytic decomposition, causing discoloration, physical and mechanical properties also rapidly decline, in practical applications must be added stabilizer to improve the stability of  heat and light;

Production method

1. Suspension polymerization method: the monomer is suspended and dispersed in the water phase in the form of droplets, the selected oil-soluble initiator is dissolved in the monomer, and the polymerization reaction is carried out in the droplets, and the polymerization heat is absorbed by water in time. In order to ensure that these droplets are dispersed in the form of beads in water, it is necessary to add a suspension stabilizer such as gelatin,  polyvinyl alcohol, methyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose or the like. Most of the initiators use organic peroxides and azo compounds, such as diisopropyl peroxydicarbonate, dicyclohexyl peroxydicarbonate, diethylhexyl peroxydicarbonate and azobisisoheptanenitrile, and Nitrogen diisobutyronitrile and the like. The polymerization was carried out in a polymerization vessel equipped with a stirrer. After polymerization, the material flows into a monomer recovery tank or a stripper to recover the monomer. Then flowing into the mixing kettle, washing with water, centrifugal dehydration, and drying to obtain a finished resin product;

2. Emulsion polymerization method: In the emulsion polymerization, in addition to water and vinyl chloride monomer, a surfactant such as sodium alkylsulfonate is added as an emulsifier to disperse the monomer in the aqueous phase to form an emulsion. Water-soluble potassium persulfate or ammonium persulfate as an initiator;

3. Bulk polymerization method;

Storage and transportation method

1. Transportation precautions: The packaging should be complete at the time of shipment and the loading should be secure. During transportation, ensure that the container does not leak, does not collapse, does not fall, and is not damaged. It is strictly forbidden to mix and mix with oxidants. During   transportation, it should be protected from exposure, rain and high temperature;

2. Storage Precautions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. should be kept away from oxidizer, do not store together. Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. The storage area should be provided with suitable materials to contain spills;

Powder PVC Resin / 25 kg bag

Powder PVC Resin

Powder PVC Resin / 1000 KG bag

Powder PVC Resin

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