PBT Resin

PBT Resin

Polybutylene terephthalate, English name polybutylene terephthalate (referred to as PBT), belongs to the polyester series, which is composed of 1.4-pbt butanediol (1.4-Butylene glycol) and terephthalic acid (PTA) or p-phenylene. The formate (DMT) is polycondensed and formed into a milky white translucent to opaque, crystalline thermoplastic polyester resin via a mixing procedure. Together with PET is collectively referred to as thermoplastic polyester, or saturated polyester.

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1. Excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability. Creep is also small, and these properties rarely change under high temperature conditions. 

2. The energy consumed in the production of PBT is the lowest of engineering plastics, which is of great significance in the case of energy shortages worldwide.

3. Excellent heat aging resistance, enhanced UL temperature index of 120 ~ 140 ° C, in addition, outdoor long-term aging is also very good.

4. Good solvent resistance, no stress cracking.

5. PBT is easy to flame retardant, up to UL94V-0 grade. Due to its good affinity with flame retardant, it is easy to develop reactive or additive flame retardant grade. Flame retardant products are widely used in the electronic and electrical industry.

6. PBT is easy to decompose when exposed to water in high temperature and high humidity environment. 7. Excellent electrical properties, high volume resistivity and dielectric strength, excellent arc resistance, minimal hygroscopicity, and stable electrical properties in wet and high temperature environments. It is an ideal material for manufacturing electronic and electrical parts. 8. Easy molding and secondary processing, easy to use ordinary equipment for injection molding or extrusion. Due to the fast crystallization speed and good fluidity, the mold temperature is also lower than other engineering materials. It takes only a few seconds to process thin-walled parts and 40-60 seconds for large parts.

PBT 25kg Bag

Packing:25 kg bag

PBT Chinese name polybutylene terephthalate, referred to as saturated polyester, is a high crystalline thermoplastic.

PBT Jumbo bag

Packing:900 kg Jumbo bag


1. Mechanical properties The tensile strength is similar to the tensile modulus and nylon; 2. The friction coefficient is small and self-lubricating;

3. Low water absorption;

4. Excellent electrical properties;

5. Good dimensional stability;

6.Chemical resistance, oil resistance is excellent.



1. Electronic appliances: no fuse disconnectors, electromagnetic switches, reversing transformers, appliance handles, connectors, housings, etc.

2. The car: door handle, bumper, distribution plate cover, fender, wire shield, wheel cover, etc.

3. Industrial parts: OA fan, keyboard, fishing tackle reel, parts, lampshade, etc.


PBT is milky white translucent to opaque, crystalline thermoplastic polyester. It has high heat resistance, toughness, fatigue resistance, self-lubrication, low friction coefficient, low weather resistance, low water absorption, only 0.1%, and maintains various physical properties (including electrical properties) and electrical insulation in a humid environment. However, the dielectric loss is large. Heat-resistant water, alkalis, acids, oils, but susceptible to attack by halogenated hydrocarbons, poor hydrolysis resistance, rapid crystallization at low temperatures, good moldability. PBT has a fast crystallization rate. The most suitable processing method is injection molding. Other methods include extrusion, blow molding, coating and various secondary processing. Pre-drying before molding, the moisture content should be reduced to 0.02%. PBT (enhanced, modified PBT) is mainly used in automotive, electronic appliances, industrial machinery and polymer alloys, blending industries. For example, as a distributor in a car, a body part, an igniter coil bobbin, an insulating cover, an exhaust system component, a motorcycle igniter, a deflection coil of a television set in an electronic and electrical industry, a picture tube and a potentiometer bracket, with sound output Transformer frame, adapter frame, switch connector, electric fan, refrigerator, washing machine motor cover, bushing.



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