BDO is the short name of 1,4-butanediol,it is a kind of colorless viscous oil-like liquid,combustible and can mixing with water.With freezing point of 20.1℃,melting point of 20.2℃,boiling point of 228℃,171℃(13.3kPa),120℃(1.33kPa),86℃(0.133kPa,the relative density of 1.0171(20/4℃)。The index of refraction is 1.4461,flash point is 121℃。It can soluble in methnol and ethanol,slightly soluble in ether.It has bitter taste and moisture absorption.

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Stable quality and supply of BDO with high efficiency and nice service to each of customer. 


BDO Spec:

BDO Spec

BDO Packing:

200kg drum and ISO tank are both OK for us.

BDO Packing ISO tank or drum

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