Titanium Dioxide General Grade

Titanium Dioxide General Grade

Paint Chemical: Titanium Dioxide General Grade is widely used in coatings, plastics, rubber, ink, paper, chemical fiber, ceramics, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries. The coatings industry is the largest user of titanium dioxide, especially rutile titanium dioxide, which is mostly consumed by the coatings industry. The coating made of titanium dioxide has bright color, high hiding power, strong coloring power, low dosage and variety, can protect the stability of the medium, and can enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the film to prevent cracks. Prevents the passage of UV rays and moisture and prolongs the life of the film.

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Titanium Dioxide General Grade

Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) Rutile OL-218

Titanium Dioxide General Grade

Item  Index
TiO2 %95
Rutile %99
Surface Treatment ChemicalsAluminium
the Disposal of Organic CompoundsHave
Specific Gravity g/cm 34.05
105 ℃ Volatile %0.3
Particle size micron0.3
Oil absorption g/ 100g17
Resistivity Ω·m150
CIE L*98.6
Lightening power (Reynold's number)1900
Pb.As.Hg.Cr6+ heavy metal element10
Exterior & interior durabilityExcellent
ISO 591-1: 2000R2
ASTM D476: 00Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ

It is produced through special process:best color in the titanium dioxide made by Sulferic Acid and present the blue hue . High dispersibility; Super Durability; High Opacity; High-gloss finish; Stability.

Titanium Dioxide General Grade / Application

Extensively used in Paint & Coating, Plastic, Ink and Paper

Titanium Dioxide General Grade / Package

25Kg valve bags ,500Kg 1000Kg /bag assembling bag.

Titanium Dioxide General Grade

Titanium Dioxide General Grade / Production

Soleplate Process

The iodine powder is reacted with concentrated sulfuric acid to produce titanyl sulfate, which is hydrolyzed to form metatitanic acid, and then calcined and pulverized to obtain a titanium white powder product. This method can produce anatase and rutile titanium dioxide. The advantage of the sulfuric acid method is that the ilmenite and sulfuric acid which are low in price are available as raw materials, the technology is mature, the equipment is simple, and the anti-corrosion material is easy to solve. The shortcoming is that the process is long and can only be based on intermittent operation, wet operation, high consumption of sulfuric acid and water, and many wastes and by-products, which are harmful to the environment.

Titanium Dioxide General Grade

Chloride process

The chlorination method uses titanium-containing raw materials, reacts with chlorine gas such as chlorinated high-titanium slag or artificial rutile, or natural rutile to form titanium tetrachloride, which is purified by rectification and then subjected to gas phase oxidation; after rapid cooling, After gas-solid separation, TiO2 is obtained. The TiO2 is adsorbed by removing a certain amount of chlorine by heating or steam treatment. The process is simple, but chlorination at 1000 ° C or higher, there are many chemical engineering problems such as chlorine, oxychloride, titanium tetrachloride, high corrosion needs to be solved, plus the special materials used, compared to the cost of sulfuric acid high. The production of chlorination process is continuous production. The flexibility of the operation of the production equipment is not large. The opening and stopping of the production and the production load are not easy to adjust, but the continuous process production, the process is simple, the process control point is small, and the product quality is easy to achieve optimal control. In addition, there is no sintering formed by the rotary kiln calcination process, and the TiO2 primary particles are easily depolymerized, so it is customary to think that the quality of the chlorinated titanium dioxide product is superior. The advantage of the chlorination method is that the process is short, the production capacity is easy to expand, the degree of continuous automation is high, the energy consumption is relatively low, and the "three wastes" are few, and high quality products can be obtained. The shortcomings are large investment, complicated equipment structure, high material requirements, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, difficult to repair the device, and difficult research and development.

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