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The Use Of Glutaraldehyde
- Sep 10, 2018 -

"Use one" sterilization disinfectant, tanning agents, wood preservatives, drugs and polymer synthetic raw materials.

"Use two" as a fixed agent for microscopy examination "Use three" and chromium bonded tanning cattle, pigs, sheep garment leather, glove leather. Suitable for low temperature (less than 0 ℃) sealed to avoid light preservation. This product has a strong irritant to the eyes and skin, should wear glasses, gloves and other protective equipment when taken.

Can not be mixed with phenol-containing vegetable tanning agent and synthetic tanning agent.

"Use four" Glutaraldehyde is a low-toxicity chemical antiseptic fungicide, China's provisions can be used for vegetables, fruit preservation, the maximum use of 0.05g/kg, the residue is not greater than 5mg/kg. "Use five" glutaraldehyde is used for disinfection, pharmaceutical, tanning, as an electron microscope and color picture tube of the film agent. This product is used to produce alkali hydrochloride, a central excitatory drug, a mountain terrier. Glutaraldehyde is a quick-acting, broad-Spectrum chemical sterilization agent, at room temperature low concentration of glutaraldehyde aqueous solution can be active for many microorganisms, breeding-type bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, pathogenic fungi and bacterial spores have a high sterilization effect, and low toxicity to people, it is known that the use of formaldehyde at the beginning of this century, 30 's use of chemical disinfectant such as ethylene oxide, Glutaraldehyde is the third milestone. In 1973, the World Health Organization (WHO) pushed three products as a type B viral disinfectant.

In the known aldehyde, Glutaraldehyde is the best protein crosslinking agent, crosslinking is characterized by high activity, quick reaction, high binding volume, stable product, strong resistance to boiling water, acid and enzymes, so the leather with glutaraldehyde tanning has excellent sweat resistance, heat resistance, soap and other properties. The "use of six" Glutaraldehyde is known as the third milestone in the history of chemical disinfection and sterilization agents following the disinfection of formaldehyde and ethylene oxide.

As a liquid for the production of Glutaraldehyde series Bactericide, Glutaraldehyde (111-30-8) series Bactericide has the characteristics of low methanol content, no variation and no accumulation of toxicity, and is widely used in sterilization, pharmacy and other industries. Glutaraldehyde (111-30-8) is an efficient disinfectant with broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, small corrosive to metals, small influence on organic matter, and good stability. Disinfection and sterilization of precision instruments for medical devices and moisture-resistant heat treatment. Its sterilization concentration of 2%, the city of Glutaraldehyde mainly include: 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde and 2% enhanced acidic glutaraldehyde two kinds. Alkaline glutaraldehyde is commonly used in medical device sterilization, before use should be added to the appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate, shake evenly, resting for 1 hours to determine the ph value.

The bactericidal action of Glutaraldehyde is strongest when ph is 7.5-8.5. Glutaraldehyde sterilization (111-30-8) is the role of its monomer, when the ph of the solution reached 6, these monomers have a tendency to polymerization, with the rise of the ph of this polymerization is very rapid, the solution can precipitate, the formation of polymers will lose bactericidal effect. Therefore, the basic glutaraldehyde is a relatively unstable disinfectant, 2% enhanced acid glutaraldehyde is polyoxyethylene fatty alcohol ether as a reinforcing agent, has enhanced the role of glutaraldehyde sterilization.

Its ph is less than 5, the bactericidal effect of bacterial bud is weaker than alkaline glutaraldehyde, but the inactivation of the virus is stronger than the alkaline glutaraldehyde, the stability is better than the basic glutaraldehyde, can be used for 28 days in a row. "Use seven" Glutaraldehyde is the most important saturated straight chain aliphatic two aldehyde after ethyl two aldehyde. Glutaraldehyde is known as the third generation of chemical sterilization agent, but also a good tanning agent, protein crosslinking agent, high-efficiency sterilization disinfectant, biological enzymes and cell tissue curing agent. Widely used in medicine, health, petrochemical, light industry sector and scientific research field.

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