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Synthetic Ice Crystal Stone
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Synthetic ice crystals, also known as aluminum fluoride, aluminum fluoride from the color of the sheep oblique crystal knot products. Often because of impurities and gray, light film, red and other colors. Density z.97 (25C ') glem3 melting Point miz}: slightly soluble in water. In the molten state can dissolve a variety of salts and oxides, forming a low-melting liquid. Emits hydrogen fluoride, generates sodium and alumina in contact with wet air. Hydrogen fluoride is released in contact with water vapor in strong acids or at high temperatures. The reaction of sodium aluminate, hydrofluoric acid and sodium carbonate was made. Can also be produced by the reaction of hydrogen fluoride, aluminum hydroxide, sodium chloride, or sodium carbonate, and can be produced by the white by-product of the ammonium fluoride precipitated by ammonia precipitation, the resulting fluoride according to EN-ya℃ addition to sodium sulfate and aluminum sulfate solution, a large number of ice crystals from the aluminum smelting 1. Waste recycling. It is used as smelting aluminum aril refining aluminum, and in the process of aluminum scrap in addition to magnesium, but also in the aluminum steel, welding rod coating, etc. to help to bake aril. It can also be used as filler for resin ru-hop grinding wheel, resin-matrix strong pigment, chain olefin polymerization catalyst, and also for glass anti-reflective coating, laser mirror surface coating and so on.

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