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Considerations For Glutaraldehyde
- Sep 10, 2018 -

①2% acid glutaraldehyde is corrosive to metals; 2% neutral Glutaraldehyde is corrosive to the blade and other carbon steel products, should be added 0.5% sodium nitrite antirust before use. 

② Glutaraldehyde bactericidal effect is affected by ph, with acidic or enhanced acid glutaraldehyde immersion medical equipment, should first use 0.3% sodium bicarbonate to adjust the ph7.5-8.8.

When the ph exceeds 9.0, the rapid polymerization of Glutaraldehyde loses its bactericidal ability.

③2% Alkaline Glutaraldehyde Room temperature can only be stored for 2 weeks, the remaining dosage forms can be stored for 4 weeks.

④ Glutaraldehyde is irritating to the skin mucous membrane, should wear the glove when contacting the solution, prevent splashes into the eye inside or inhalation body.

⑤ preparation Glutaraldehyde to use distilled water, the container of glutaraldehyde solution should be clean.

⑥ with Glutaraldehyde disinfection or sterilization equipment must be fully rinsed with sterilized distilled water before use.

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