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Toxicological Data of Glutaraldehyde
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1. Skin irritation: Glutaraldehyde is irritating to human and animal skin mucosa.

5% Glutaraldehyde can cause severe irritation symptoms, but 2% glutaraldehyde only causes the skin to dye shiny brown.

2. Systemic toxicity: Glutaraldehyde has a mild reaction to human systemic toxicity. 

3, acute toxicity: 2% enhanced acidic glutaraldehyde mouse vein: ld5026±1.6mg/kg death time 4 days; rat vein: ld5024±2mg/kg death time 0-2 days; Mice oral: LD50 298±25mg/kg dead Time 6 days Rats oral: ld50233±11mg/kg death time 1-2 days; 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde mouse vein: LD50 15mg/kg; rat vein: LD50 9.8mg/kg; white rat oral: LD50 352mg/kg; Rat oral: LD50 252mg/ The rat inhaled 25% and 50% glutaraldehyde solution to concentrate vapor 6~8hr, and did not cause the death of the experimental animal.

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