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Titanium Dioxide Property
- Sep 10, 2018 -

With molten barium carbonate to produce a partial barium titanate (adding barium chloride or sodium carbonate to help solvent):


Insoluble in water or dilute sulfuric acid, but can be dissolved in hot concentrated sulfuric acid or molten potassium hydrogen sulfate:

Tio2+h2so4=tioso4+h2o The solution of titanium dioxide dissolved in hot concentrated sulfuric acid is acidic, but can be hydrolyzed by boiling, which is insoluble in acid and alkali of hydrated titanium dioxide (beta-type titanium acid). If the alkali is added to the newly prepared titanium salt acidic solution, the fresh hydrated Titania (α-type titanate), its reactivity is greater than beta-type titanate, can be dissolved in dilute acid and concentrated alkali. Dissolved in concentrated sodium hydroxide solution, from the solution can be precipitated from the chemical formula Na2tio3

H2O of hydrated titanium salts.

Titanium dioxide and carbon powder pressed into a regiment and after coking, heated to 1070-1170k, can be made of gaseous four titanium chloride.


This reaction is important for the extraction of titanium, magnesium or sodium can be easily reduced titanium tetrachloride.

The reaction of titanium dioxide to chlorinated reagents such as COCL2 (phosgene), SOCl2 (two chloro sulfoxide), CHCl3 (chloroform), CCL4 (carbon tetrachloride) can also be used for the preparation of four titanium tetrachloride: Tio2+ccl4=ticl4↑+2co2↑ (This reaction is completed under 770K)

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