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The role of titanium dioxide in artificial quartz
- Nov 29, 2018 -

What is artificial quartz stone?

Artificial quartz stone is a new type of stone that is shaped by quartz powder, resin, pigment and other auxiliary materials under high pressure and formed under high temperature. It is a non-radioactive, recyclable environmental protection, green new building materials and decorative materials. .

The main body of artificial quartz stone is quartz sand powder, accounting for about 90%, and resin, pigment and other auxiliary materials account for about 10%.

The artificial quartz stone is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and does not contain radioactive materials. It uses quartz sand and quartz powder as the main raw materials. Using 5%-8% unsaturated polyester resin as binder, vacuuming, normal temperature, high pressure, vibration, pouring, beautiful appearance, natural color pattern, compact structure, strong wear resistance, compression resistance, anti-demolition High strength, low water absorption and other characteristics, to make up for the defects of natural stone color, holes, cracks, cracks, high water absorption. It is a kind of decorative material widely used in modern large commercial plazas and high-end office buildings.

Artificial stone ingredients

Filling material: quartz sand, calcium carbonate, strontium powder, cement mortar, alumina, feldspar

Ingredients: shell, goose, pebbles, tinted glass

Coloring materials: iron oxide, titanium dioxide, organic pigments, inorganic dyes

Adhesive: unsaturated polyester resin, nylon

Additives: leveling agent, dispersing agent, curing agent, accelerator, defoaming agent, release agent

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