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Surface properties of titanium dioxide
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1, Surface Super hydrophilic: The results suggest that the TiO2 surface is caused by the change of its surface structure under light conditions. Under ultraviolet irradiation, the TiO2 valence band electrons are excited to the conduction band, the electrons and holes move to the TiO2 surface, the electron hole pairs are generated on the surface, the electrons and ti react, the holes are reacted with the surface bridge oxygen ions, and the titanium ions and oxygen slots are formed by three valence respectively.

At this time, the hydrolysis in the air adsorption in the oxygen vacancy, become a chemical adsorption water (surface hydroxyl), the chemical adsorption of water can further absorb moisture in the air, forming a physical adsorption layer.

2. Surface hydroxyl Group: Relative to the metal oxides of other semiconductor semi-metallic materials, the polarity of the Ti-o bond in the TiO2 is larger, the water adsorbed on the surface is decoupled from the polarization, and the hydroxyl group is easy to form.

This surface hydroxyl group can improve the performance of TiO2 as adsorbent and various monomers, and provide convenience for surface modification.

3, Surface acid alkaline:

TiO2 in the modification often added al, Si, Zn and other oxides, AL or Si oxide alone there is no obvious acid and alkaline, but with the TiO2 compound, the present strong acid alkaline, can be prepared solid super acid.

4. Surface Electrical Resistance: TiO2 particles in the liquid (especially polar) in the medium due to the surface with an electric charge will absorb the opposite charge and the formation of the diffusion of the double layer, so that the effective diameter of particles increased, when the particles close to each other, because each with the same-sex charge and repel, conducive to the stability of the dispersion system. If the TiO2 surface of the Al2O3 coated membrane has a positive charge, and the TiO2 with SiO2 treatment is negatively charged.

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