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Solution for the 10 problems of interior coating
- Oct 16, 2018 -

1. Black areas.

Scrap the traces, grind the nodules, dry and repaint.

2. Paint drops and overflow.

After the paint has dried, sand it with sandpaper, dust and repaint.

3. Wrinkles.

If the first layer of paint is applied dry, the second layer will wrinkle and should be scraped off and repainted.

4. Gravel.

If the gravel is wrapped in dry paint, use a sandpaper to lightly grind it, sweep the paint, and dry it.

5. Squatting.

Remove the original paint (fill it if there is a gap), base the foundation, apply the primer and then paint.

6. Uneven coating.

If you see the primer, you can add a layer of paint.

7. Flake-like peeling.

If the surface is not treated properly, the original paint layer should be scraped off, the surface should be optimistic, and the paint should be repainted.

8. Stains.

The surface of the paint was coated with an aluminum primer and repainted.

9. Cracks.

If the two layers of paint are incompatible, cracks will form and the original paint will be scraped off.

10. Black spots.

Grind and recoat when dry, remove black spots and modify.

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