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Physical properties of titanium dioxide
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Relative density: In commonly used white pigments, titanium dioxide has the smallest relative density, the same quality of white pigments, titanium dioxide surface area is the largest, pigment volume is the highest. Dielectric constant: Due to the high dielectric constant of titanium dioxide, it has excellent electrical properties. In the determination of some physical properties of titanium dioxide, the crystalline direction of titanium dioxide crystals should be considered. For example, the dielectric constant of rutile, different from the direction of the crystal, when parallel to the C axis, the measured dielectric constant is 180, and this axis at right angle is 90, the powder average value is 114.

Anatase Titanium dioxide has a low dielectric constant of only 48. Conductivity: Titanium dioxide has the properties of semiconductors, its conductivity increases rapidly with the increase of temperature, and is very sensitive to hypoxia. For example, rutile titanium dioxide is an electrical insulator at 20 ℃, but when heated to 420 ℃, its conductivity increases by 107 times times. A slight reduction in oxygen content will have a special effect on its conductivity, chemically composed titanium dioxide (TiO2) conductivity <10-10s/cm, while TiO1.9995 conductivity is as high as 10-1s/cm.

The dielectric constant and semiconductor properties of rutile titanium dioxide are important for the electronics industry, which uses these characteristics to produce electronic components such as ceramic capacitors.

Hardness: According to Mohs hardness 10 cent scale, rutile titanium dioxide for 6~6.5, anatase titanium dioxide for 5.5~6.0, so in the chemical fiber extinction in order to avoid wear and tear spray hole and the use of sharp titanium type. Melting point and boiling point: as anatase and titanium Titania are transformed into rutile at high temperature, the melting point and boiling point of TI-type and anatase titanium dioxide are virtually nonexistent. Only rutile type titanium dioxide has a melting point and boiling point, rutile titanium dioxide melting point of 1850 ℃, the melting point in the Air (1830±15) ℃, oxygen enrichment in the melting point of 1879 ℃, melting point and the purity of titanium dioxide.

Rutile titanium dioxide has a boiling point of (3200±300) K, which is slightly volatile at this high temperature.


Titanium dioxide is hydrophilic, but the hygroscopic is not very strong, rutile and anatase is smaller than the type.

The hygroscopicity of titanium dioxide has a certain relationship with the size of surface area, large surface area and high hygroscopicity.

The hygroscopicity of titanium dioxide is also related to surface treatment and properties.

Thermal Stability:

Titanium dioxide is a good thermal stability of the substance, the general dosage of 0.01%~0.12%. Physical structure: rutile type, anatase type, crystallization system, square crystal system.

[2] Lattice constants: A-axis 0.458,c axis 0.795,a axis 0.378,c axis 0.949

A-axis: 7.19x10-6 2.88~10-6

C-axis: 9.94x10-6 6.44~10-6

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