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Molding technology of superhard material resin abrasives
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Molding is a process in which a mixed molding material is charged into a mold and heat-pressed into a blank product having a certain shape and strength according to the procedure.

The super-hard material resin grinding tools are mainly hot pressing. The principle is that the resin melts and flows during the pressing process, and gradually polycondenses or semi-cures during the pressure holding time to ensure the density and strength of the grinding tools. Hardness, while avoiding scraps such as foaming and deformation of abrasive tools.

1. Equipment and mould

(1) Hot press

The hot press is a kind of hydraulic press, which has 50t, 63t, 100t, 200t, 500t and so on. Its construction and transmission principle are the same as those used in ordinary abrasive tools. The difference is that the upper and lower pressure plates are equipped with a heating system, and thermocouples are used to control the temperature to ensure a constant temperature during hot pressing. The power of the heating system can be determined by the heat balance of the largest grinding wheel.

(2) Mold

Since the structure of the diamond abrasive tool is more complicated than that of the ordinary abrasive tool, the mold structure used is also complicated. Generally consists of the following parts: die sleeve, bottom plate, mandrel, core, non-diamond pressure ring, diamond laminated ring.

Since the mold itself needs to withstand a lot of pressure when the grinding wheel is pressed, it is necessary to make a good selection of the material for manufacturing the mold so that the mold can have sufficient strength to avoid deformation or cracking during the pressing process. Alloy tool steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, etc. are usually used. During the manufacturing process, the inner wall of the mold sleeve and the outer ring surface of the pressure ring and the positioning core must have good roughness to reduce the friction during molding.

2. Matrix

Because superhard material abrasives are expensive, they can't be made as a whole with ordinary abrasives. Only superabrasives can be used in the grinding layer, and they are as narrow as possible. The rest only support the grinding layer. The role of the card on the spindle of the machine tool, we will refer to this part as the base.

The diamond resin grinding machine has an aluminum base, a bakelite base, a phenolic aluminum powder base, a phenolic aluminum fiber base, and the like, and a steel substrate (such as a very thin resin cut piece) is also used.

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