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Manufacturing process of resin grinding wheel
- Dec 13, 2018 -

The grinding wheel is an abrasive tool used to polish the product. The grinding wheel also has many different materials, such as stainless steel, diamond, and resin. Our grinding wheel manufacturers mainly produce resin grinding wheels. Resin grinding wheel is a very common grinding wheel with good performance. Do you know how to make the resin grinding wheel? Let us the manufacturer of the resin grinding wheel tell you the manufacturing process of the resin grinding wheel.

      1. Mixing process: The key of mixing is uniformity. The molding material should reach: the distribution of each component is uniform and keep loose, but it is not suitable for obvious powder leakage. It must ensure uniform distribution and good molding performance.

      2. Molding process: At present, most of the domestic rotating material distribution mechanism, but due to the limitations of the rotating material distribution mechanism, the employees of some manufacturing enterprises have no way to operate, the distribution of mixed materials is uneven, row tolerance and static balance Very bad.

      3. Resin grinding wheel hardening process: This is a key production process, there are two factors that easily cause quality problems, one is that the temperature difference between the curing oven or the firing kiln is too large; the second is improper way of loading the furnace.

      The above is the relevant content of our resin grinding wheel manufacturers tell you about the manufacturing process of resin grinding wheel. If you need to buy a resin grinding wheel, please choose the resin grinding wheel produced by our resin grinding wheel manufacturer, which is of high quality, high efficiency and durability. If you want to know about metal cutting piece, stone cutting piece, resin grinding wheel piece, metal angle grinding piece specification, stainless steel slice brand, please contact us for the Damon grinding wheel manufacturer.

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