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Introduction to titanium dioxide production process
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Titanium dioxide is considered to be the most superior white pigment in the world. Compared with other pigments, it has better hiding power, weather resistance, whiteness and brightness. It is widely used in coatings, plastics, paper, printing inks, chemical fiber, rubber, ceramics, cosmetics, food and medicine industries. MSG." Because titanium dioxide is widely used, its per capita consumption can be used as an important indicator to measure a country's economic development level, and is also a strong evidence to measure the country's market potential. As an important industry in China's economy, titanium dioxide fundamentally affects the development of various industries and is known as the "barometer" of national economic development.

How many processes are there in the world for the production of titanium dioxide?

At present, the processes for producing titanium dioxide in the world mainly include two processes of sulfuric acid process and chlorination process. Products produced by the sulfuric acid process are commonly known as sulfuric acid titanium dioxide, and the products produced by the chloride process are commonly known as chlorinated titanium dioxide.

Which production process is more widely used?

At present, the world's production of titanium dioxide is mainly based on the chlorination process. 60% of the titanium dioxide produced globally is a chlorination product. In developed countries in Europe and America, the proportion of chlorination is higher. The United States closed as early as 2006. The last sulfuric acid titanium dioxide factory in China. However, in China, the production of sulfuric acid is still the main method, and the production capacity and output of sulfuric acid titanium dioxide are more than 90%.

Foreign countries mainly use the chlorination process. What advantages does the chlorination process have over the sulfuric acid process?

The production of titanium dioxide by the chlorination process has the advantages of short production process, continuous operation, large scale of single series devices, and low emissions of “three wastes”. The titanium dioxide produced by the chlorination process has better performance and is the future titanium dioxide industry. The general trend of the development of production methods.

Since the chlorination process is more environmentally friendly and the product quality is higher, why is China's production process based on sulfuric acid?

The development of China's chlorination process titanium dioxide process is bumpy. Foreign countries have imposed technical blockade on China's chlorinated titanium dioxide production process, which has also triggered the famous commercial espionage case of Pangang Group and DuPont. In addition, the development of chlorinated titanium dioxide in China started relatively late. At present, there are still many technical barriers that have not broken through, and the sulfuric acid process is relatively mature in China. Therefore, the production of titanium dioxide in China is still dominated by sulfuric acid. However, China is also actively promoting the development of chlorinated titanium dioxide.

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