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How to identify fake titanium dioxide?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide is the most used white pigment. Titanium dioxide not only provides hiding power, but also an ultraviolet shielding agent. Commonly used titanium dioxide powder anatase and rutile

Common technical parameters of titanium dioxide and its meaning.

1 TiO2 (%)

      Indicates the content of titanium dioxide. The higher the percentage value, the higher the concentration of titanium dioxide, the better the Baidu and hiding power.

2 Al2O3 (%)

   The index of the degree of treatment of dense aluminum indicates dispersion, gloss and weather resistance. The higher the percentage content, the better the weatherability, dispersibility, and gloss.

3 SiO2 (%)

       The index of the degree of treatment of dense silicon, the higher the percentage content, the better the weather resistance.

4 Color (L value)

     Indicates the indicator of lightness. The larger the L value, the better the whiteness and brightness.

Counterfeit products on the market, the main ones are the following:

(1) Packaging domestic titanium dioxide into imported titanium dioxide;

(2) impregnating the rutile with anatase titanium dioxide or incorporating a portion of anatase titanium dioxide in the rutile type;

(3) A filler such as calcium carbonate, lithopone or barium sulfate is mixed in the rutile-type or anatase-type titanium dioxide.

Discrimination method

1 Identification by packaging

  Imported titanium dioxide usually has its characteristics (such as patterns, fonts, batch numbers, etc.) on its packaging, which can be identified first on its packaging. Secondly, the sealing of imported titanium dioxide is characteristic, and the sealing of domestic titanium dioxide is not same.

2 Physical detection

1. The easiest way is to compare the feel, the fake titanium dioxide is slippery, and the real titanium dioxide is more sturdy. 2, water rush: hand stained titanium dioxide, fake easy to wash away, really not easy to wash away. 3, take a cup of water, throw titanium dioxide into it, the floating is true, the precipitation is false.

3 By chemical detection

1. Blended with light calcium or heavy calcium: Adding dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, bubbles can make clarified lime become turbid, because calcium carbonate reacts with acid to produce carbon dioxide.

2, mixed with Lid powder: add dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, smell of rotten eggs.

3, made of latex paint, add iron red, dark color, indicating the difference in hiding power is fake or poor quality titanium dioxide.

4. For the incorporation of BaSO4, since it cannot react with acid, it can only be identified by X-ray diffraction.

5. For titanium dioxide which is anatase-type impregnated rutile type, it is difficult to distinguish it by general chemical methods, and can only be identified by X-ray diffraction method.

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