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Effect of Different Grinding Layer Patterns on Grinding Performance of CBN Belts
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Superhard material tools, including superhard material abrasive belts, will play an important role in modern manufacturing with high efficiency, precision, energy efficiency and environmental protection. At present, the diamond abrasive belt with the highest hardness is known to exhibit unparalleled superiority in the grinding process of hard and brittle materials such as engineering ceramics and glass. However, carbonization reaction will occur during the process of grinding iron group elements. Used in the processing of steel materials. CBN is second only to diamond and has a strong inertia. It is especially suitable for the processing of hard and tough iron-based alloys. At the same time, the belt has good shape retention, long service life and good comprehensive performance. In the western developed countries, CBN abrasive belts have been widely used in automotive, machinery, aerospace, coating, instrumentation and other fields.

The excellent grinding performance of the CBN belt is not only due to the high hardness of the abrasive itself, but also because of the particularity of its coating pattern. For different processing objects and requirements, CBN abrasive belts with various grinding layer patterns have appeared on the market.

Two kinds of CBN abrasive belts with the same specifications of different grinding layer patterns were used to grind the 45 steels, and their grinding performance was analyzed and compared. The results show that the CBN belts of the two grinding layer patterns have a large roughness at the beginning of the use, and then slowly decrease and tend to be stable. The surface roughness of the round belt is 0.215μm and the arrow belt is 0.355. Um, the surface roughness of the arrow belt in the whole grinding process is greater than that of the round belt; in the early stage of grinding, the arrow belt shows better grinding efficiency than the round belt, which is 52.7g/h and 43.2g respectively. /h, the wear ratio of the two grinding layer patterns CBN belt is not much different.

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