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Classification of titanium dioxide
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Ⅰ Type: Titanium dioxide dry grinding and non-treatment, Ⅰ titanium dioxide has low surface area and low oil absorption value.

Ⅱ class: For Ⅰ titanium dioxide treated, and wet grinding, removal of large particles, and with 4% of silicon-aluminum cladding, it has the lowest surface area and the lowest oil absorption value.

Ⅲ class: It is a typical ultra-fine coating grade and has an organic coating. Ⅳ class: Large package, but also can be divided into ⅳa and ⅳb, the amount of coating between 5~10%. Ⅳb is mainly used in the addition of high-volume Titania, because its opacity is better than ⅳa.

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