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Barcode printer security use precautions
- Dec 26, 2018 -

10 bar code printers safe use precautions:

1. Bar code printers may interfere with radio, TV and other communication products when working, so please remove these products to avoid signal interference;

2. Place the barcode printer on a level, sturdy table or flat surface;

3. The barcode printer should be away from places with moisture, water and high temperature;

4. Please refer to the specification label on the back panel of the barcode printer to make sure that the power supply specification you are using is correct. Make sure that the power supply voltage switch (110V/230V) matches the power supply voltage in your area, otherwise the machine will burn out or Not working properly;

5. When the machine is connected to the power supply, do not open the chassis;

6. The barcode printer cannot be disassembled or disassembled, otherwise it will lose the warranty and cause damage;

7. Before cleaning the barcode printer, please cut off the power of the barcode printer. Do not use liquid or spray cleaner to clean the barcode printer. Wipe the barcode printer with a soft cloth or cotton.

8. Do not use a bar code printer at room temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise the bar code printer will be damaged;

9. The heat dissipation holes around the barcode printer should be blocked and affect the heat dissipation;

10. The power cord of the barcode printer should be placed in a suitable and safe place. The voltage and current that the power cord identifier can carry should be greater than the voltage and current identified by the printer.

    Steps for installing a barcode printer:

1. Barcode printer barcode label paper installation

Open the top cover of the printer to expose the roll holder. Remove the paper roll holder, put the paper roll from the left and right into the paper roll holder, and put the paper roll holder together with the paper roll back into the paper roll compartment. Align the paper roll with the left end and press the flap on the bracket against the paper roll to the left. Open the printhead module, hold the printhead in one hand to avoid falling, pass the label through the printhead, and pull the label from the label guide with the other hand, allowing the label to pass over the roller. Close the print head and touch the group until you hear a click. Close the top cover and turn on the power switch. If the printer is powered on, press the FEED button directly.

2. Barcode printer ribbon installation

Open the top cover of the printer to expose the roll holder, press the release button on both sides of the printer, open the print head touch group, open the print head to open the ribbon supply end, unpack the ribbon, take out the ribbon and empty roll Core, a small amount of the front end of the barcode ribbon is attached to the empty core. Install the ribbon to the ribbon supply end (first press the left end of the card to the right end), close the print head and set the empty core to the ribbon recovery end (the left end of the card is pressed into the right end). Rotate the head of the print head to the left end of the set to make sure the ribbon is tight, and press down on the sides of the print head until you hear a click.

3. Connect the printer

Connect the power cord, USB print cable, turn on the power switch, and install the driver in the CD-ROM.

4. Driver installation

Put the CD into the CD-ROM drive, and the following icon will appear when you click Auto. Click “GO” to select the driver download in the bar code printer product. When the windows printer driver prompts, select “Accept” and click “Next”. Specify the installation directory of the driver, click to complete. Select Install Printer Driver, next select the printer of the corresponding model, select the connection port of the printer, enter the printer name in the next step, choose not to share the printer, the next step. Check that all data is correct and complete.

5. Software installation and use

Click the desktop software icon to start installing the software, and the next step is to complete. Double click the icon to install it. Select windows driver, complete the page setup, and the page, tab. Click the barcode icon to change the barcode type and data source parameters, click on the text attribute and barcode to edit and print.

The above is the introduction of the steps of how to use the barcode printer. I hope that everyone can use the barcode machine correctly after understanding, so that it can be better used in practice.

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