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Analysis on the advantages of diamond silicon wafer cutting
- Jan 14, 2019 -

Nowadays, the new diamond wire cutting technology has emerged in the photovoltaic wafer cutting industry. The main advantages of the technology of King Kong line slicing are reflected in these two aspects:

1, the reduction of silicon consumption;

2. Improvement of cutting efficiency.

In the next few years, the advancement of the diamond wire slicing technology will affect the market share of polycrystalline and single crystal. The exchange information in this article will cover the process research of diamond wire, diamond wire silicon wafer, diamond wire battery, diamond wire transformation equipment, diamond wire special machine and the breakthrough of diamond fiber technology, single crystal diamond wire slice and polycrystalline diamond wire cutting cost. Compare and so on.

The basic difference between the diamond wire and the mortar cutting, the diamond wire is fixed by the bonding and electroplating of the diamond on the straight-drawn steel wire for high-speed round-trip cutting, and the cutting mode of the mortar is the free cutting mode, suspended by the suspension. Silicon carbide is then driven by the wire mesh for grinding and cutting.

I. Introduction and classification of the basic situation of the diamond line

The diamond line is mainly divided into two major types, namely, the resin diamond wire and the electroplated diamond wire, and the brazing is waiting for commercialization technology.

Difference between electroplated diamond wire and resin diamond wire:

1. Differences in the way the diamond particles are fixed;

2. The difference in the number of particles in the diamond line;

3. The difference in breaking force after the finished diamond wire;

4, the difference in the diameter of the finished product;

Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of an electroplated diamond wire and a resin diamond wire. Because of the difference between the plating layer and the fixing method, the resin used in the resin diamond wire is a wrapping material, which reduces the load on the material, and then can minimize the TTV, the silk mark and the damaged layer. .


Figure 1. Schematic diagram of electroplated diamond wire and resin diamond wire. Figure 2 below shows the surface of the single crystal surface of the mortar and resin diamond wire. Now the single crystal can be completely velvet on the surface of the single crystal silicon of the resin diamond wire. Increase additional costs and increase conversion efficiency by 0.1-0.2%.


Figure 2: Surface of a single crystal silicon wafer cut by a resin diamond wire


Figure 3: The surface of the single crystal cut by the mortar. 2. Why can the diamond wire increase the efficiency?

The cutting efficiency of the diamond wire can be divided into the following aspects compared with the cutting of free silicon carbide.

The consolidation method, that is, the diamond cutting involved in grinding, also reduces the mutual wear between the abrasives.

The high hardness of the diamond and the high wear resistance of the diamond will greatly extend the service life of the diamond wire.

The cutting line speed is high, the contact area between the diamond and the silicon wafer is increased, and the diamond wire can withstand other defects caused by the high line speed, thereby exerting the advantage of high cutting speed.

The rapid movement of traditional mortar with steel wire brings the abrasive-containing liquid into the workpiece slit to produce a cutting action. During the cutting process, the silicon carbide is washed away, and only the continuous rolling grinding reduces the cutting efficiency. Silicon carbide has a hardness of 9.5 and a diamond hardness of 10. The cutting speed of the diamond wire is basically 15m/s, and the linear speed of our normal cutting mortar is basically 9-11.5m/s. If the diamond line breaks through, it should be harder, with better self-sharpness, more stable consolidation, and faster line speed.

Third, why is the breaking rate of the diamond line low?

1. First of all, we should eliminate the disconnection caused by non-steel wire quality problems, such as equipment failure, personnel operation, replacement of consumables, and changes in the process. In terms of the quality of the steel wire, there are some differences between the steel type of the diamond wire and the straight steel wire type used for cutting the ordinary mortar. The price per kilometer is higher than that of the ordinary mortar straight pull steel wire, and the price determines the difference in quality. Compared with ordinary mortar, the straight drawn steel wire strengthens some key parameters such as winding breaking tension and impurity content control.

2. At the same time, in the process of making the line, it is necessary to pass multiple times of multiple tension wheel inspections to reduce the interruption line rate of the cutting process.

3. The cutting of the diamond wire will not damage the gold steel wire. According to the actual cutting test, after the steel wire length of 600mm is about 2100 pieces, the wear amount is 5um, that is, the cutting process is worn. It is only the coating and the resin coating layer, and has not been in contact with the steel wire, so for the carrier steel wire, his physical properties will not change too much, which also ensures the stability of the entire cutting process.

Fourth, the maximum reduction in silicon consumption

This is an important point that the diamond wire is obviously different from the traditional mortar. It is that the silicon consumption is reduced. Simply put, it is produced with less silicon material to meet the customer's requirements. Because there are more diamonds that can participate in effective cutting in the way of consolidation, the coating layer is smaller than the mixture of mortar, the knife seam loss is also less, and the cost of production and processing is reduced, so that the photovoltaic can enter thousands of households. The following is a simulation calculation diagram.

5. What are the other advantages of diamond cutting?

So let us see what can be the efficiency of the diamond line?

1. High cutting efficiency

First, the first high cutting efficiency reduces the cost of the equipment plant and all depreciation and single-piece manual processing.

2. Low cost per chip

The diamond wire replaces the cut silicon carbide, suspension and steel wire of traditional mortar. Compared with the three items, the single-piece control of the mortar system based on the structural line plus mortar is based on the frontier of 0.65 yuan, but not every A family can achieve this level, the plating line cutting of the diamond wire is basically flat, and the resin diamond wire can also dive 1 cent.

3. Quality control

In terms of quality control, sand, wire and liquid must be divided into three suppliers. If two or three suppliers are added, the three auxiliary materials need to be set to reach 6-12, and the relative diamond wire will be sand. The line is integrated, and the reduction of suppliers also reduces the fluctuation of excipients.

The broken line in the cutting process is a big killer that affects the yield. The purchase price of the busbar of the diamond wire is several times higher than that of the ordinary straight-drawn steel wire. The quality requirements for the straight-drawn steel wire are also higher, and it is necessary to go through multiple sanding and cleaning and grinding processes.

The manufacturing process of the diamond wire needs to pass the test of multiple diamond wire tension machines and set up three quality inspections, which are from the busbar inspection, one finished product inspection, the second finished product inspection, and a corresponding traceability for each coil. The sex test report detects a series of data such as the number of sand particles on the surface coating, the breaking force and the amount of protrusion.

The quality of the diamond wire quality, in addition to the need to build a large number of actual cutting data, before the supply to the customer application, now the scale of the diamond line manufacturers will add one or more diamond wire multi-wire cutting. It is recommended that a production and testing department with exemplary and reproducible cutting-edge technology should be applied to the cutting and cutting-edge technology of each batch of diamond wire, and undergo two-way testing of quality inspection and actual production testing.

The production of Diamond Wire is a complete data tracking system, which is traceable for each roll of data, which also improves quality control.

4. Reduced silicon consumption.

5. Environmental protection

Environmental protection treatment costs In the current era of China, the factory's awareness of environmental protection is still too low, the cod of mortar reaches several hundred thousand, and the diamond cutting fluid is diluted with pure water and the cutting fluid cod is 200-1000, for the treatment of sewage. It will also be greatly improved.

6. Potentially conducive to the recycling and reuse of silicon powder, recycling and reuse, is still in the exploration stage.

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