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Abrasives improvement and breakthrough
- Nov 06, 2018 -

The abrasives industry is a basic industry, but machining has always played an important role. As far as abrasive abrasives are concerned, there are three aspects of improvement and breakthrough significance.

1. Improvement of physical structure of abrasive tools

For example, if the number of abrasive grains per unit time is increased, the uniform length of grinding is increased, and the grinding contact surface is increased, which changes the amount of grinding per unit time and effectively promotes efficiency.

2. Superhard abrasive application, mainly refers to metal powder

A superhard material such as metal oxide or CBN is used as a filler, and a resin, ceramic or metal bond is used for the abrasive tool application. At present, high-precision, high-efficiency grinding effects brought by superabrasives have been widely recognized.

3. New abrasive abrasives

Such as micron-sized polycrystalline ceramic micro-crystal abrasive, micro-fine diamond abrasive spherical shell abrasive, ultra-fine polishing polyester film tape. These new abrasives have the characteristics that make their grinding and processing the best.

Throughout the development of the grinding field, the future grinding process will put forward higher requirements for abrasive grinding tools. Judging from the current status quo, superhard products just meet the needs of these new grinding. For example, CBN abrasive has good characteristics such as good heat, high hardness and good wear resistance. Therefore, the grinding machine has high line speed, high grinding efficiency and high life of grinding tools. It is especially suitable for processing high speed steel and bearings. Black metal materials such as steel, stainless steel and cold-excited cast iron. In addition, we are satisfied that all kinds of ceramic bond grinding wheels, high-speed grinding wheels for atmospheric holes, and different grinding wheels and diamond saw blades of different processing surfaces will be expanded with the technology to become the mainstream products for grinding.

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